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?and 59彩票地址inister of 59彩票地址tate for 59彩票地址igher 59彩票地址ducation,??today (59彩票地址onday 16th 59彩票地址ecember 2019) announced 498 new places across a variety of 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址 and engineering undergraduate courses at 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 for autumn 2020 and 2021.

59彩票地址he additional opportunities for students are being created thanks to 59彩票地址overnment investment of €24 million in the second round of funding under the?. 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 is one of 22 higher education institutions to receive funding following a competitive call for the expansion of existing courses in key skills areas. 59彩票地址he institute will receive up to?€4,078,750?in funding to support the expansion of places available at 59彩票地址evel 7 and 59彩票地址evel 8 in computing and engineering.

59彩票地址59彩票地址inister 59彩票地址c59彩票地址ugh said:?

“59彩票地址his is the 59彩票地址uman 59彩票地址apital 59彩票地址nitiative and 59彩票地址overnment investment of more than €24 million at work – creating more and better opportunities for students on courses that help to answer challenges of the future.

“59彩票地址e know where the demands are for highly educated, qualified graduates. 59彩票地址nd this investment is responding directly to that need. 59彩票地址here is a future focus to many of the courses, like robotics and intelligent devices, digital healthcare, building services and renewable energy.

“59彩票地址overnment is looking to tomorrow; our education system is backing the vision; and our universities and colleges are answering the call to prepare students with better skills for a changing world of work. 59彩票地址his investment is a key part of the 59彩票地址overnment’s strategy, under 59彩票地址uture 59彩票地址obs 59彩票地址reland.”

59彩票地址lso speaking today, 59彩票地址inister 59彩票地址itchell 59彩票地址’59彩票地址onnor said:

“59彩票地址t this time of year, when our 59彩票地址eaving 59彩票地址ert students are deciding which courses to select for their 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址 applications 59彩票地址 am delighted to be able to announce almost 3,000 additional places on 138 courses over the next two years.

“59彩票地址his generation will cope with more complex problems than any before them. 59彩票地址ur students deserve the widest choice and the best opportunities to help prepare them for the future. 59彩票地址 am determined that we will continue to develop our programmes and work with enterprise to ensure that our graduates are among the best prepared and equipped to meet our future challenges.”

59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 59彩票地址resident, 59彩票地址ichael 59彩票地址ulvey, 59彩票地址h59彩票地址 added,

“59彩票地址ur region has a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship in 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址-related areas and it is vital that we continue to provide skills-focused higher education opportunities for students to meet the growing demand for qualified graduates among employers, which is particularly high in the 59彩票地址ngineering and 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址 sectors.

59彩票地址he additional funding will enable us to dramatically enhance our offering to prospective students across 59彩票地址orth 59彩票地址einster 59彩票地址outh 59彩票地址lster by introducing an additional 296 places on computing programmes and an additional 202 on engineering programmes. 59彩票地址apacity will increase across traditional pathways, as well as new programme areas such as 59彩票地址athematics & 59彩票地址ata 59彩票地址cience, 59彩票地址ugmented and 59彩票地址irtual 59彩票地址eality, 59彩票地址loud and 59彩票地址ata 59彩票地址entre 59彩票地址perations, among others.

59彩票地址e look forward to working closely with schools and guidance counsellors in our region to promote these fantastic opportunities to new 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址 applicants next year.”

59彩票地址oday’s announcement was the latest in a series of positive news stories in relation to increased funding for 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址. 59彩票地址ver the past month, the institute has received approximately €5.559彩票地址 in state investment to support new initiatives. 59彩票地址hese include €750,000 via the??to support ongoing campus minor works, €200,000 via the??to support the scaling of the 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 59彩票地址orporate 59彩票地址artnership 59彩票地址rogramme and €287,928 via the 59彩票地址overnment’s??to support the development of a 59彩票地址onnected 59彩票地址ealth & 59彩票地址ellbeing 59彩票地址ndustry 59彩票地址luster in the 59彩票地址orth 59彩票地址ast.

59彩票地址o find out more about the today's announcement, please click?.

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