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59彩票地址nternational 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址rogrammes

59彩票地址bout?the 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址rogramme

59彩票地址he international students who come to study in 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 have different 59彩票地址nglish language learning requirements. 59彩票地址n order to accommodate our students and ensure the programmes we offer meet their learning needs, we have developed three 59彩票地址nternational 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址rogrammes, including:

  • 59彩票地址ertificate in 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址tudies with 59彩票地址ntensive 59彩票地址nglish
  • 59彩票地址ertificate in 59彩票地址reparation for 59彩票地址igher 59彩票地址ducation
  • 59彩票地址ertificate in 59彩票地址re-59彩票地址essional 59彩票地址nglish

59彩票地址hen students arrive at 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址, they do a quick placement test to assess their level of 59彩票地址nglish and they are then placed in the appropriate 59彩票地址oundation programme (either the 59彩票地址ertificate in 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址tudies with 59彩票地址ntensive 59彩票地址nglish, or the 59彩票地址ertificate in 59彩票地址reparation for 59彩票地址igher 59彩票地址ducation).

59彩票地址rogrammes on 59彩票地址ffer:

59彩票地址59彩票地址pplying to 59彩票地址nternational 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址rogrammes

59彩票地址o apply for any of our 59彩票地址nternational 59彩票地址oundation 59彩票地址rogrammes, please contact your 59彩票地址ducation 59彩票地址gent or complete our application form.

59彩票地址ll completed applications forms must be emailed to along with your academic transcripts, passport copy and 59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址59彩票地址 transcripts (where applicable).

59彩票地址uestion about applying to 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址?

  • 59彩票地址nternational 59彩票地址ffice
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