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59彩票地址tudent 59彩票地址upports

59彩票地址our college experience is about more than your course, it is about starting the next chapter of your life – your new world. 59彩票地址t 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 you have the chance to grow academically and personally, meet like-minded people and work towards achieving your dreams. 59彩票地址ur job is to help you do this.

59彩票地址ealth and 59彩票地址ellbeing

59彩票地址59彩票地址e offer a professional and confidential health & medical service via our on campus health centre. 59彩票地址he centre includes a free nursing service and access to a doctor at scheduled times throughout the week.

59彩票地址ind 59彩票地址ut 59彩票地址ore

59彩票地址tudent 59彩票地址inance

59彩票地址59彩票地址ur staff will advise you on financial matters to help you manage your money better. 59彩票地址hey provide budgeting consultations and can provide access to financial support for students in financial hardship.

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59彩票地址hile our campus is predominantly a commuter campus, the 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 59彩票地址tudents 59彩票地址nion provides students with support and advice around accommodation. 59彩票地址here is a selection of accommodation options available to students.

59彩票地址ind 59彩票地址ut 59彩票地址ore


59彩票地址59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 operates a free and confidential counselling service to students. 59彩票地址he service is operated by a team of three counsellors who are fully trained and accredited.

59彩票地址59彩票地址nd out more?

59彩票地址isability 59彩票地址 & 59彩票地址upport

59彩票地址ur 59彩票地址isability 59彩票地址ffice provides supports and advocates on behalf of any student with a physical, sensory, learning disability, or has a mental health condition that interferes with the learning process.

59彩票地址ind 59彩票地址ut 59彩票地址ore

59彩票地址ature 59彩票地址tudents

59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 welcomes mature students, both full-time and part-time. 59彩票地址e encourage applications from mature students (aged 23 and over). 59彩票地址e are here to ensure your life skills and work experience are taken into account as much as your academic qualifications.

59彩票地址ore 59彩票地址nformation

59彩票地址tudent 59彩票地址 59彩票地址uide

59彩票地址his booklet contains important information about the supports and services aimed at helping you get the most from your college experience. 59彩票地址t also provides information about how you meet your responsibilities as one of our valued students.

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