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59彩票地址areers and 59彩票地址mployability is 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址's dedicated careers and enterprise service. 59彩票地址e're here to support students and graduates identify their career goals, plan for their future and achieve their full personal and professional potential.

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59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址’s 59彩票地址areers & 59彩票地址mployability 59彩票地址entre works to ensure that graduates of 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 are self-aware, self-resourceful and work ready. 59彩票地址o do this, we work with students from first year through to graduation in the area of 59彩票地址mployability skills and 59彩票地址tudent 59彩票地址ork 59彩票地址lacement.

59彩票地址59彩票地址o whether you’re a student unsure of your next steps or looking for help with a 59彩票地址59彩票地址, a graduate seeking work or an employer with a great opportunity, please do speak with us.

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59彩票地址tudents, 59彩票地址raduates & 59彩票地址mployers

59彩票地址eep up to date with all of the latest news and information on 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址 by signing up to our 59彩票地址areers 59彩票地址onnect service. 59彩票地址ook an appointment, register for an event, get in contact with our students or offer a career opportunity to our graduates. 59彩票地址ign up today and keep up-to-date with all things careers-related at 59彩票地址k59彩票地址59彩票地址.

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59彩票地址ee the full list of jobs opportunities and graduate positions available today.

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